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Merchants Commercial Bank offers a full range of deposit products and services that give its clients real-time account information and transaction detail access.

MCB deposit offerings include the following types of deposit products that can be designed with customer input:

Interest Checking Accounts

Enjoy an account that offers a little more flexibility and the opportunity to earn interest. The MCB interest checking account allows you up to 15 free withdrawals per month as well as access to our many convenient banking products and services.

Savings Accounts

The MCB Personal Savings account allows you earn interest while saving for future needs. The savings account has a low minimum monthly balance and allows up to 6 debits per statement cycle. As a bonus you can also enjoy access to our online banking services.

Money Market Deposit Accounts

Earn a higher rate of interest on your excess cash balances with an MCB Money Market Deposit Account. The Money Market Account allows you to easily access funds and provides access to our many convenient banking products and services.

Certificates of Deposit

An MCB Certificate of Deposit (CD) will help you earn competitive rates of interest that are set at account opening and does not change until the CD matures. CDs are available with terms ranging from 3 months to 24 months.

Trust Accounts

Plan for the future with an interest bearing Trust Account.